Embrace the disconnect- Surviving cell phone free

I looked around & looked around & didn’t see one anywhere in the entire convenient store. Finally I asked the manager on duty at the local “Fast stop-Gas station”,
“Where is your pay phone”
she laughed out loud & then suddenly stopped when she caught my serious glaze
“Shoot, we haven’t had one of those for years” she quickly responded.

 “What if someone needs to make a call, what if someone has an emergency” I asked
To which the honest reply was “They use their own cell phone

cell phone

ahh, There is was, the first time I went into & then back out of “Fast stop-Gas Station” completely empty handed. I stood on the side walk longing for the days when it was normal to see a line of people waiting to make a call at the payphone booth.

It’s been over two years now since I stopped my cell phone service. My family & I were (are) short on cash & looked for ways to make ends meet. So I said good-bye to my cell phone & hello to a few extra dollars a month in our pocket. (yeah right)

GREAT BIG WIDE EYES and “How do you do it, Sherry” …..the two main responses when people find out I don’t own a cell phone.  and WHY?

I simply do the math for them,  in my 34 years I’ve lived many more years without a digital device, then I have with one &  because I am a little bit weird…..The first cell phone I received as a gift in 2000 I returned to the store & bought a guitar with the money.


I had owned a cell phone from 2002-2012($11,880 Later) & honestly- I thought after a few months of going without,  I would save money & go back & buy that data planing, all knowing smart phone & feel So. Much. Better. However 24 months of this disconnect & I can’t force myself back to the cell phone. ($$)For a few main reasons

#1. I’ve survived without it. YES you can! (Get a land line at home, plan ahead, be safe, bring a friend & talk to each other, when it doubt stay home with your family)

#2 the cost- its absurd what some data plans cost-(see math above)

#3 the face down humans it is creating (I walk pass people every day I would actually like to meet & have a conversation with-but they don’t even know I am in the room)

#4 the complete lack of verbal communication (text messages/emailing is breaking real relationships daily. It has become a weird way to confront people without feeling remorse or accountability)

I am still search for the local Mankato gas station who supports real phone calls & is willing put up a  pay phone or two for public uses, for emergencies. If you know where one is in  Mankato, please let me know I am doing business with them tomorrow :)

p.s if you’re motivated to toss out your cell phone today- I can help= Step one look up from your screen now!