Plan C

Dear Josiah
One day you’ll grow up to be a man and i pray you’ll lead by example. I pray you will be good and kind and humble and compassionate, just like your father.

Dear Olivia and Ellie
One day you’ll grow up to be ladies and I pray you’ll lead by example. I pray you will be stubborn and hard working and have integrity, just like your mother.

Dear Kids,
Today is a Election day and before the poles close, I want to share with you that you have a voice. No matter how little you are, or what the media tells you, When you’re old enough to vote, Your vote matters. Your vote counts.

I have prayed and stewed and cried and laughed and got crazy emotional over what candidate to put my little x by (your little x by). So then I prayed some more.

My sweet kids,  I wanted to tell you who I didn’t vote for. I didn’t vote for someone who has made people feel bad and said horrible things, who is reckless and rude. I know sweet Olivia how much that hurt your heart to hear (everywhere) what he’s done. Try as I might to shelter you, you still heard it. Kindness is a choice. Kindness wins.

I also didn’t vote for the popular lady on the ballot simply because she was the first women to ever be on the ballot. I did not vote for her because her policies don’t align with my heart. They likely would not align with yours. flag

I voted for a third party. A person you’ve never heard of and the media says very little about, because of the way our elections are run. I voted for campaign reform, I voted against the norm because I pray by the time you’re 18, it won’t be an “either-or” choice. I voted to say we need something different. I voted to say my kids need something different. I voted to say kindness matters in my home.

Dear Olivia, I voted “plan c”. I know you voice your “plan c” all the time. It drives me bonkers….to know we are so much alike. It warms my heart…to know we are so much alike.

I voted against the norm, despite the media, and friends and relatives telling me my third party vote won’t count-at all. My vote counted, and kids-your voice counts too. I put my ballot in the box just like everyone else and got my red sticker. My vote counted, even if they won’t mention it tonight on Fox news.

I want you kids to know that with all the crazy things that will happen in your lifetime, there’s always a plan C. Sometimes its hard to find, sometimes it seems like the nation isn’t with you, sometimes you won’t fit in, but keep your chin up. Be open to hear all sides of the issues and practice kindness to everyone’s plan and then…and put your x where ever your heart tells you. Then pray kindness wins.