Before and After

On December 10th 2008,
Lucas and I bought our first home
one of my biggest “before and afters”
ex. “before we lived here, after we moved in”.
In my before/after stories, some of those big ones include
before I knew Santa wasn’t real,
after I fell off my new bike,
before I discovered my love for poetry.
after my mom gave me a paint brush
before I realized who the bullies were,
after I had a best friend, and another
before my dad took me fishing
after I tried eating fish (yuck)
before the internet & cell phones & blogging
after I got my minor,
before I graduated high school
after my first car accident
before I choose my major, and then chose it again
after I worked at summer camp & residential life
before I owned a camera
after I owned my own business
before I fell in love
after he fell in love with me
before she made me a mommy
after my son was born
before December 10th 2014
after December 10th 2014
before I knew what grief does to people
and after my mom passed away.