48 days of Disciplined-Self

People have asked me to share how I lost 20 pounds & 15 inches in 48 days- if that is you, here you go. (I also went from daily knee pain, headaches and numbness in my hands, restless sleep, to all of those things vanishing-today I feel great)

Proper Diet, Exercise Dedication & Real Food:

That’s really the secret, there is no secret pill, or potion,  I didn’t use shakes or diet pills- it is simply discipline with real food and real work outs.

“Discipline is the difference between what you want NOW and what you want MOST”

Here are details of what the last 48+ days looked like- “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym”

    1. I set goals– detailed goals- short term and long term- food, workout and weight loss goals & shared them with people
    2. I eat clean: the first 24 days-I followed the food suggestions of Advocare cleanse(if you want to more about Advocare message me)- No sugar, no dairy, no simple carbs(white bread-rice, potatoes), no processed foods (lunch meat), no fried foods. It was NOT easy-nothing new is. Days 25+ stayed pretty much the same, I allow myself cottage cheese, & potatoes, But I now find I don’t want the bad foods like I used to-
    3. Water water, everywhere: Proper hydration is ½ your weight in ounces- I gave up soda, kool-aid, milk, ice tea, no alcohol, no fruit juice and went to 100% water all the time, everyday-
    4. I count calories- Every. Single. Thing. that I consume I track with My Fitness Pal Ap. The handful of times I go out to eat, we go to restaurants with menus online, look up what I am going to order, so I know the nutritional facts and commit to eating clean.
    5. I make calories count: I strive to prepare only meals I will eat long-term
    6. I have great support: my family eats the healthier meals I am cooking(my daughter asks for salad), and my husband supports my daily 5:30am workouts by getting up with my early risers.
    7. I move every day: It’s not always hard core- I started slow. Initially it was walking on an incline for 30 minutes, now I can run 4 miles before breakfast- I also track the calories I burn and I do not eat them back, (ex I run 400 calories- but I don’t’ allow myself the ice cream bar at 9 pm-every night)
    8. I weight lift 2-4 times a week for 30 minutes: One session a week is with Jo Ann at Jo’s Fitness Garage– the others are basement workouts.
    9. Before and Progress Photos: I have my “day one” photo hanging in front of the treadmill-to remind myself it’s a daily process- (progress photos and measurements every 2 weeks)
    10. Meal & Snack Prep: I keep fresh veggies and fruit ready to eat every day. We grill a bunch of meat on Sundays and use it for lunch all week.
    11. Pray and Be Grateful: God gave me a life and a body to use for His good, The better I feel, the happier I am to serve. The happier I am to serve, the better I can be for my family, friends and clients at Inspired. He’s gifted me a family to take care of and friends to support. I acknowledge His blessings every morning.
    12. Forget Excuses: I didn’t know what I could do, until I did.You don’t know how strong you are, until you have to be. It’s one day at a time-in fact one meal at a time.





The big and hardest change: For me it’s really about the food choices:

The Food: It’s become pretty simple for me but to understand what has made the difference you need to see where I came from

Old Sherry ate these foods often: (I used to eat until I was painfully full and never measure anything)
Breakfast: cereal (fruit loops) with milk, eggs with white toast & butter, pop tarts, Donuts, or nothing at all, orange juice
Lunch: Fast food, frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, fruit, grilled cheese, canned soup, summer sausage, cherry coke, white rice, Chinese buffet, spaghetti’os
Dinner: Hot dogs on bun, chips and dip, baked beans, french fries, breaded everything, cream of mushroom soup on everything, lots of pasta, white bread,  ice tea, spaghetti, noodle hot-dish, french fries- everything dipped in sauce
Snacks: Ice cream, chips, cheese sticks, fruit
New Sherry eats primarily from these foods, (I measure calories or grams and eat until I am satisfied-not stuffed-rarely seconds)
Breakfast: oatmeal, eggs with whole grain toast and peanut butter, fresh fruit, greek yogurt, almond milk, egg bake, cold chicken breast, water
Lunch: Salad or Tuna on whole grain, Blts, veggies lots of veggies, water
Dinner: chicken tacos, hamburger no bun-mustard only, homemade soups, chili, chicken breast and veggies, pork loin, water, steamed veggies, turkey, roll ups,
Snacks: carrots, snap peas, cucumbers, ½ can of tuna, cottage cheese, grapes, berries, kettle corn, a spoonful of peanut butter, salsa and corn chips


I would be happy to talk one on one with any of you- I am no expert, but we all need support toward making our goals become reality-start today!

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