Red Lights & Round Abouts

“Ahhh Yes, another red light”, I thought to myself as I carted the kiddos across town this past week, taking a much needed breath of relief.

red light

How long does a red light often last? Approximately 3 minutes I would say, Oh the things I get done on average in those three precious minutes. I am able to turn around in my seat to get the fallen shoe, lost kitten’s mitten and unwrap two suckers with my mouth, divide them between kiddos and smile. I can check back to the light, still red. I then catch the eye of the driver next to me as we both rock out to our radio, I nod and smile back at the other mommy.  We both may have just caught our breath for the first time in days.

Then green light.

The rushing of the next to do comes into light and I am driving through this life at a speed too fast to slow it back down. As the volume level increases in my back seat, I look for the next red led to stop, turn around and address the same issues again. Thank you red light. You are a blessing.

Enter in. Roundabouts.


What’s missing, my precious red lights.

Yes they seem to be popping up everywhere in my home town of Mankato, MN, with more on the plans to be built soon. People may say they are for the safety of the vehicles on the road and they allow for less accidents. I say…..

“the world up and got itself in a big dam hurry”  Brooks-from the Shawkshank Redemption

Where am I am going to stop for a breathe now? When I am going to pick up all the lost articles of clothing abandoned on the floor, while the babies scream with urgency. “MY SOCK, You need to pick it up!” Those red light minutes are precious to me and the safety of my family.

I would think Red Light minutes are probably precious to you too, you just don’t know it yet.